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The narrowest section of a ski between the tail and the tip.
A soft substance applied to the base of a ski for protection and to improve its snow-going properties. See glide wax; grip wax.
Wax Pocket
The mid-section of stiffer cambered skis. See camber.
Waxable Skis
Skis with bases that are waxed for grip and/or glide.
Waxless Skis
Skis that have small ridge patterns on the middle area of the base to provide grip; used in classical cross country.
Another name for the snowplow.
The shifting of mass from one ski to the other, an important element of many skiing techniques.
The action of a skier's body mass exerting pressure through one or both skis onto the snow. See also unweighting.
Wide-Range Waxes
Wax systems designed for recreational skiers, with two or three waxes matching a wide range of snow conditions. See also short-range waxes.
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