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Automatic activation device. It opens the reserve automatically if a predetermined altitude is passed at a high rate of speed. Commonly referred to by the brand name Cypres. Previously only students used AAD-devices, but today even the more experienced skydivers and even the skygods are starting to accept the idea of getting their bacon saved by one.
Start skydiving and you'll find out.
Accelerated Free Fall. An AFF student receives training on freefall jumps of 40 seconds or longer, accompanied by two qualified jumpmasters, as opposed to Static Line training which does not involve long freefall in the initial training phase.
Above Ground Level, refers to height measurement, as in 13,500 feet AGL
Alternative Flying
Different parachuting disciplines, such as skysurfing, freestyle and sit-flying (chute assis) that emphasize flying postures other than traditional horizontal, belly-to-earth flying. Jumpers are not confined to falling vertically relative to one another in a single body position. Also called freeflight and three-dimensional, or 3D, flying.
Shows your height above the ground in thousands of feet. Audible altimeters beep when you fall through a preset altitude. These are only a backup for a visual altimeter since if they don't work they don't tell you that they haven't worked, or if you don't hear them they won't remind you.
You'll need it. Lots of it.
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