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To move backward in freefall relative to a neutral reference. Usually unintentional and undesirable, caused by poor body position.
The deployment bag in which the canopy is packed.
A malfunction in which the canopy is trapped inside the bag and cannot be deployed. The reason for this malfunction is almost always an incorrect pack job. To avoid a bad case of frapping, the reserve needs to be pulled immediately.
The core around which a formation skydive is built. Can be a single person or a group of people, depending on the number of skydivers involved.
Jumping from fixed objects rather than airplanes, balloons or helicopters. BASE is an acronym for Buildings, Antennae, Spans (bridges) and Earth (cliffs). Considered by most skydivers as "cool" but "not the real thing". Because after all, there is no freefall included.
Skydiver fluid.
An imaginary area at the dropzone which the skydiver needs to land within or else he/she will have to do a Case.
Standard horizontal position in traditional parachuting and formation flying. By arching your back and spreading the arms and legs, you will automatically turn belly down in freefall (kind of like a badminton ball).
When an approach and landing are misjudged and the jumper does not land on his or her feet or as intended. Could get pretty nasty if performed with high speed.
Blue Sky, Black Death
Philosophical expression for jumping hard and having fun without getting yourself killed.
A gathering of jumpers for the purposes of jumping and socializing. Typically, boogies will have large aircraft, unusual aircraft (balloons, helicopters), special events (record attempts), or some sort of competition as a focal point to attract jumpers from widely diverse regions.
A vehicle (usually a rusty VW van, equipped with a generous amount of skydiving related stickers) in which a skydiver can travel from one boogie to another. (This is an extreme sport, mind you.)
To get killed while skydiving. Also known as to frap, or go in. Not a good thing to do.
Bounce Crash
Landing without the aid of a parachute (Not recommended).
British Parachute Association.
The brake lines of the canopy are synonymous with steering lines. Used together, they slow the parachute. Used independently they result in a turn.
Break Off
To cease formation skydiving by tracking away from the formation prior to deployment.
The thin webbing strap from the pilote chute to the top of the canopy. Part of the deployment system, which consists of pilote chute, bag and bridle.
Rough air or vacuum just above a body in freefall.
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