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Data Card
Every parachute carries a data card with information on the reserve parachute, including type, last date packed, owner, serial number, etc.
To flatten out or reverse one's body position from the normal arched position. A de-arch results in a slower fall rate than an arch.
Dead Spider
Slang for de-arch.
Decision Altitude
The altitude at which a skydiver is trained to begin execution of emergency procedures. Usually 2,500 feet (800 m) for students, and 1,800 feet (600 m) for expert skydivers.
Dialed in
To be in sync with a teammate or to know the performance parameters of your equipment.
Dive Practicing a dive on the ground before the jump so that all involved understand exactly what will occur in the sky - since there is not much time up their and you can't discuss it with a 125 mph wind going past your head.
Walking through a parachuting routine on the ground. It sure looks silly but needs to be exercised thoroughly.
Door Jam
The practice of taking up starting positions in the door, on the ground before or after boarding, before the aircraft begins moving.
Being pulled by the parachute while being on the ground. Can easily damage your rig, so don't get dragged.
The amount a jumper is blown away from the spot during freefall by unusually strong upper air currents.
Drop Zone
Common slang for a skydiving center, also DZ.
A dummy handle representing a ripcord which the skydiver student must pull to simulate a real ripcord pull during automatic jumps (i.e. where the canopy is automatically deployed).
The brand name commonly used to refer to an audible altimeter device that beeps for a few seconds when it passes through a pre-set altitude. Just in case you didn't notice.
Drop Zone - a place where parachuting operations take place.
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