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Fegravedegraveration Aegraveronautique Internationale: The international body which administers sport aviation throughout the world.
Fall Rate
The rate at which you fall, another name for terminal velocity except that it refers the rate relative to other jumpers, rather than an absolute velocity. Fall rate is adjusted by adjusting body position. Different shape and weight jumpers in exactly the same body position will fall at different rates. Fall rate must be adjusted to be the same as everyone else so that the jumper can do RW.
To appear to be, or actually to be out of control during freefall.
To pull down on both of the canopy's steering toggles in order to lower decent rate and forward speed just prior to landing. The forward speed is traded-off for lift. A flare performed too late has no effect, a flare performed too early can result in a stall in which the canopy looses forward speed and drops straight down. A correctly performed flare results in an exceptionally soft landing.
To rise or fall away vertically in relation to another person in freefall.
Skydivers who leave the airplane before the base are called floaters since they must use a slow fall rate to get up to the base.
In general, the act of flying by a camera either in freefall or under canopy.
When referring to RW a formation is a group of skydivers forming particular pattern by taking grips on each others arms and legs. The formations that will be done on a jump are determined and practiced (Dirt Dived) before the jump.
Formation Flying
Traditional form of competitive parachuting. Parachutists work in teams of four or more, flying at the same rate relative to each other and creating formations on a horizontal plane during freefall.
Formation Skydiving
New term to describe Relative Work, abbr. FS.
Getting killed in a skydiving accident. Also known as "buying the farm".
Frap Hat
A soft, leather hat worn by experts for warmth, to hold a dytter in place, or simply to keep one's hair from getting tangled in free fall. Provides marginal protection from knocks.
Free Flying
New bred of skydiving involving radical maneuvers in the sky, either in a sit position, stand-up or vertical position.
The act of falling from a high altitude towards the ground. Because of the atmosphere of the Earth, the fall speed will build up an air cushion on which the skydivers are soaring. The freefall is the true essence of skydiving, because quite contrary to what you may think, it doesn't feel like falling at all. It's more like actually flying with your body, kind of like Superman.
Alternative, or three-dimensional, flying during freefall. Includes skysurfing, freestyle and chute assis parachuting disciplines.
A relatively new sport including sit & head down flying.
A type of skydiving characterized by acrobatic individual flying, reminiscent of gymnastics.
Formation Skydiving, formerly known as Relative Work. In FS, skydivers attempt to go through a predetermined sequence of freefall formations.
A situation that occurs when one person "steals the air" out from under another, causing both to descend faster. When occurring in the center of a large formation, this can appear as if the center of the group is being sucked down a drain.
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