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Forget it. You won't have the time anyway.
Glide Ratio
The distance a canopy flies forward compared to down. A canopy with a 3:1 glide ratio flies three feet forward for every foot of vertical descent.
Hand holds built onto formation skydiving jumpsuits to make it easier to take grips.
Using the hands to hold onto another skydiver in freefall or during the aircraft exits. In formation skydiving, the formations are scored as complete when every skydiver has taken the correct grips.
Ground Speed
The speed of an airplane or skydiver over the ground, as opposed to through the air.
When a Skydiver does their 100th jump they get Gunged which means they have something disgusting poured all over them, and in the worst case they have their clothes removed, they are tied down and the stuff they have poured on them includes all sorts of food scraps and unmentionables that have been allowed to fester in the sun ever since the last person got Gunged. Mmmm Yum! An Old Skydiving Tradition.
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