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Footbag - the art of kicking a racquet ball-sized leather-covered bag filled with beads in the air. A popular activity among skydivers (in my club anyway). A skillful hackeysack player can reach a very high status among skydivers at boogies.
Hand Deploy
To activate the parachute by manually deploying the pilote chute as opposed to pulling a ripcord.
To take up a starting position of literally hanging outside the aircraft prior to exit. Usually done by the camera flyer.
The part of a Rig, which consists of webbing and metal hardware which you wear and which the Container is attached to.
Hercules (Herc)
Lockheed C-130 Hercules. Large aircraft with a huge ramp that allows a large amount of skydivers to exit in formation.
The transitional period just after exiting the aircraft when the relative wind shifts from an angle to vertical.
Hook Knife
A small knife carried in the jumpsuit or on the parachute harness, the hook knife is designed to cut lines or webbing. Designed to be used for instance in case of entanglement while landing in water or a lineover of the reserve. A small razor blade is recessed in a hook shaped handle to prevent unintentional cuts.
Hook Turn
A controversial front riser turn of 180 degrees performed only by the expert of the experts or skydivers with suicidal tendencies. It trades considerable altitude for maximum forward speed very low to the ground. If timed correctly, the result is a maximum turf-surf exhibition. If timed incorrectly, the result is serious biffing. Hook turns are banned in some places - for good reason.
A high speed malfunction where the pilote chute or part of the canopy is entangled in the skydiver's foot and hinders full deployment. Can be caused by deploying the main canopy in a very unstable, tumbling body position. Not something you normally want to happen, especially because a reserve pull can fire the reserve into the horseshoe and thereby cause a serious case of frapping.
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