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Jumpmaster Assisted Deployment. The jumpmaster holds the pilote chute in his hand and releases it one moment after that the student exits the plane, thereby deploying the main canopy.
JumpMaster - A jumper trained and certified to supervise students and/or novices during their jump.
Jump Run
The final pass of an aircraft that is at the predetermined altitude on an imaginary path that crosses over the target along a line generally coinciding with the direction the wind is coming from. The jump run is always into the wind. A "downwind jump run" is with the wind and is much more difficult to spot due to the increased speed.
Jump Suit
A cover all type garment designed for specific skydiving applications such as FS, freestyle or accuracy.
Someone who has successfully attended a Jumpmaster Certification Course. A jumpmaster has all of the privileges of an Instructor except that they cannot supervise a first jump course, sign off licenses, or manage a student program without an instructor's supervision.
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