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The act of re-packing a main canopy by the person who jumps it.
Pack Job
The way a canopy is folded and placed into the container. Also a service performed by specialized packers for hire at some dropzones and boogies.
A person who uses a parachute. A Parachutist is not necessarily a Skydiver. A Skydiver is only a Parachutist because they have to be. Note for non-jumpers: do not call a Skydiver a Parachutist and don't ask them about 'their Parachuting'.
Perfectly Good Airplanes
There are no such things.
A person who likes planes but is too scared to jump out of them.
Pilote Chute
A small, round parachute that acts as a drogue to extract the main parachute from the container and deploy it.
The intended landing area at the dropzone.
Parachute Landing Fall. A technique used to minimize injury during rough landings, a PLF distributes the landing shock along feet, calves, thighs, hip and shoulder.
Post Dive
Review of a skydive after everyone has landed.
Power Lines
Nasty things. Not a good idea to land in those. Bzzzzt!
Slang for the handle the jumper grabs to pull the pilote chute into the air stream and initiate deployment of the main. It's usually located on the right bottom side of the container or leg strap.
Punch a Cloud
To go through a cloud bank in free fall. Pretty dangerous stuff and also strictly forbidden. You really can't see your hands in front of you, let alone the other skydiver who deployed his canopy just beneath you.
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