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Parachute jumps in which two skydivers, usually an experienced skydiver and a passenger, share one parachute system. The student is in a separate harness that attaches to the front of the instructor's harness.
Tandem Skydiving
The passenger and Instructor are harnessed together and use a the same main parachute, all controlled by the instructor so that the passenger can enjoy the ride.
Terminal Velocity
The speed at which a Skydiver falls when the friction of the air on their body is equal to and counter acts the force of gravity so that they no longer accelerate. It is about 125 mph in a flat stable position, lying on the air, face down, or about 180 mph in freeflying or freestyle. The Skydiver can fall faster or slower, up to a point, by changing their body position.
Three-Dimensional Flying
Unrestricted movement in all directions during freefall.
The patented interlocking concentric ring device found on all rigs that connects the main to the harness. The way the rings interconnect creates a mechanical pulley system that will support the wearer's full weight and yet only require very little force to release the canopy in an emergency.
Grips on the end of the steering line that when pulled down alter the airflow on one side of a canopy's trailing edge, initiating a turn.
To track is to assume a body position, which gives a very high horizontal speed.
Moving horizontally during freefall. Used to approach or depart from other skydivers.
Being unable to control your body position in freefall.
Turf Surf
A high-speed style of landing. The jumper builds up speed (see Hook Turn) and then flares mere moments before touchdown, resulting in a spectacular landing in which the jumper skims mere inches above the ground at 30-40mph, for up to 100 yards. Or, if the jumper flares too late, resulting in a spectacular landing in which the jumper impacts the ground, leading to medical bills, orthopedic surgery, and/or death. Attempt this maneuver at your own risk!
Skimming centimeters above the ground for the last 20 - 30 meters under canopy.
A skydiver who just completed his skydiving course.
Turn Around Load
When the aircraft does not shut down between loads, but lands and picks up skydivers for immediate departure.
A malfunction in which the suspension lines are twisted. If the twist is shorter than a few turns, it is easily corrected. A longer twist usually calls for a reserve pull since it would take too long to unwind the twist.
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