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Wave Off
Prior to deployment a skydiver should make a clearly defined arm motion to indicate to others nearby that he is about to open his parachute. A good wave off is essential to the avoidance of deployment collisions.
Wind drift indicator used at some dropzones. A paper streamer thrown from the jump plane to estimate winds.
Many lighter skydivers (such as myself) wear a weight vest to allow them to maintain a fast fall rate and thereby be able to keep the same fall rate as the rest of the formation.
A non-skydiver who don't understand the joy of skydiving. ("Whuffo' you wanna go jump outta them perfectly good airplanes?")
Wind Line
An imaginary line from the desired landing area, extending directly along the direction the wind is blowing.
On some jumpsuits, a triangle of fabric runs from the armpit to the wrist to the waist or hip that allows the skydiver to adjust his fall rate to match that of the rest of the formation. The wings become rigid when the skydiver extends his or her arms out and forward, and gradually collapse as the arms are tucked in.
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