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A recognition earned by a player for each appearance in an international game for his country.
Carrying the Ball
A foul called on a goalkeeper when he takes more than 4 steps while holding or bouncing the ball.
See Yellow card.
A pass from a player located near the sideline towards the middle of the field; used to get the ball closer to the front of the goal; also called a cross.
Center Circle
A circular marking with a 10-yard radius in the center of the field from which kickoffs are taken to start or restart the game.
Center Line
See Midfield line.
Center Spot
A small circular mark inside the center circle that denotes the center of the field from which kickoffs are taken to start or restart the game.
Central Defender
A player who guards the area directly in front of his own goal in a zone defense; does not exist in a man-to-man defense.
To run into an opponent; legal if done from the front or side of the ball carrier; illegal against a player without the ball or from behind.
Chest Trap
When a player uses his chest to slow down and control a ball in the air.
A high, floated kick that lifts the ball over the heads of defenders or the goalkeeper.
Chip Pass
A pass lofted into the air from a player to a teammate; used primarily to evade a defender by kicking the ball over his head.
Chip Shot
A kick lofted into the air to try to sail the ball over the goalkeeper's head and still make it under the crossbar into the goal.
A kick, ideally of good distance, that attempts to get the ball away from the penalty area quickly. Can also be a punch by a goalkeeper.
The metal, plastic or rubber points in the bottom of a soccer shoe used to provide a player with traction; term also used to refer to the shoes themselves.
A team that plays in a league.
The Confederation Norte-Centroamericana y Del Caribe de Footbal the regional organization of North American and Central American soccer under which World Cup qualifying matches are played; member countries include the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central American and Caribbean countries.
Consolation Match
A tournament game played between the losers of the 2 semifinal matches to determine the third-place team.
Corner Arc
A quarter-circle with a radius of 1 yard located at each of the 4 corners of the field; on a corner kick, the ball must be kicked from inside this arc.
Corner Area
See Corner arc.
Corner Flag
The flag located at each of the 4 corners of the field, inside the corner area.
Corner Kick
A type of restart where the ball is kicked from the corner arc in an attempt to score; awarded to an attacking team when the ball crosses the goal line last touched by the defending team.
An attack launched by a defending team soon after it regains possession of the ball.
Creating Space
When a player from the attacking team moves without the ball to draw defenders away from the ball carrier and give him space.
See Center.
Cross or Crossing Pass
A pass from an attacking player near the sideline to a teammate in the middle or opposite side of the field; used to give the teammate a good scoring opportunity.
The horizontal beam that forms the top of a goal and sits on top of the two posts; it is 24 feet long and supported 8 feet above the ground.
Cut Down the Angle
When the goalie comes out of the goal several feet to make himself closer and larger to an attacker, leaving the attacker less net to shoot at.
Cut Off
When a defensive player keeps his body between an attacker and the defender's goal, forcing the attacker out towards the sidelines.
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