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International Football Association Board the organization consisting of 4 British soccer organizations and FIFA that approves all changes in the official international rules of soccer called the 17 Laws.
In Bounds
When a ball is within the boundaries of the field, having not completely crossed a sideline or goal line.
In Play
When a ball is within the boundaries of the field and play has not been stopped by the referee.
Indirect Free Kick
A kick awarded to a player for a less-serious foul committed by the opposition; the player kicks a stationary ball without any opposing players within 10 feet of him; a goal can only be scored on this kick after the ball has touched another player.
Injury Time
Time added to the end of any period according to the referee's judgment of time lost due to player injuries or intentional stalling by a team.
Instep Drive
A straight shot taken with the instep of a player's foot; usually the most powerful and accurate of shots.
The 5-minute rest period between periods of a game.
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