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A type of defense where each defender is assigned to mark a different forward from the other team; the most common type of defense for national-level teams.
Guarding a player to prevent him from advancing the ball towards the net, making an easy pass or getting the ball from a teammate.
A soccer game.
The region of the field near the midfield line; the area controlled by the midfielders.
Midfield Anchor
See Defensive midfielder.
Midfield Line or Center Line
A line that divides the field in half along its width.
The 2, 3 or 4 players who link together the offensive and defensive functions of a team; they play behind their forwards.
Major Indoor Soccer League started in the U.S. in 1977 playing games of 6 players per side in modified hockey rinks covered by artificial turf; became the MSL in 1990.
When a particular offensive player is far superior to the defender marking him.
Major League Soccer the new U.S. outdoor league scheduled to begin play in the Spring of 1995.
Major Soccer League a U.S. indoor league which formed in 1990 from the MISL and folded in 1992.
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