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When a defensive player, instead of going after the ball, uses his body to prevent an offensive player from playing it.
The function of trying to score goals.
Offensive Player
See Attacker.
Offensive Team
See Attacking team.
Official Game Clock
The clock that the referee carries with him on the field so he can signal when each half is over; does not stop during the game, even when play does.
The referee and 2 linesmen who work together to make sure the game is played according to the rules of soccer; responsible for stopping and restarting play, keeping track of the score and the time remaining and citing violations of the rules, called fouls; they wear uniforms that distinguish them from the players on both teams.
A violation called when a player in an offside position receives a pass from a teammate; an indirect free kick is awarded to the non-offending team.
Offside Position
An attacking player positioned so that fewer than 2 opposing defensive players (usually the goalie and 1 other defender) are between him and the goal he is attacking; a player is not offside if he is exactly even with one or both of these defensive players.
On Defense
Describes a team that does not have possession of the ball.
On Offense
Describes a team in possession of the ball.
The opposite of offside.
Describes an attacking player who does not have anyone marking him.
Out of Bounds
When a ball is outside the boundaries of the field, having completely crossed a sideline or goal line.
Out of Play
When a ball is outside the boundaries of the field or play has been stopped by the referee.
Outlet Passes
When a goaltender or defender passes the ball from close to his own goal toward the other team's goal; used to start a counterattack.
When a winger moves away from the sideline towards the center of the field to create space for a teammate to advance the ball undefended along the side of the field.
The extra periods played after a regulation game ends tied; used in collegiate and championship international matches to determine a winner.
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