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A player who gets a pass from a teammate.
Red Card
A card presented to a player by the referee signifying the player's ejection from the match. The red card is presented for dangerous fouls, repeated fouls, striking an opponent, spitting or after a player receives a second yellow card during the game.
The chief official; he makes all final decisions, acts as timekeeper, calls all fouls and starts and stops play.
Regular Season
The schedule of games set before the season; consists of all games played before a playoff or tournament is held.
Regulation Game
Two completed periods of a game, prior to any overtime or tiebreaker.
A stage of a tournament at which teams compete; the World Cup tournament has 5 main rounds.
An offshoot from soccer started in the early 1800s; rugby players are allowed to pick up the ball with their hands and run with it, and also make full contact with each other whether going after the ball or not.
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