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The act of a goalkeeper in blocking or stopping a shot that would have gone into the goal without his intervention.
Scissors Kick
See Bicycle kick.
To put the ball into the net for a goal; also, the tally of goals for each team playing in a game.
Players who score goals.
Scoring Opportunity
A situation where a team stands a good chance of scoring a goal.
See Shielding.
Set Play
A planned strategy that a team uses when a game is restarted with a free kick, penalty kick, corner kick, goal kick, throw-in or kickoff.
A technique used by a ball carrier to protect the ball from a defender closely marking him; the ball carrier keeps his body between the ball and the defender.
Pads that strap onto a player's lower leg to protect the shins should he or she be kicked there.
When a player kicks the ball at the opponent's net in an attempt to score a goal.
The tie-breaking procedure after regulation time used in MLS games. In the shootout, each teams has five opportunities to score a goal in a one-on-one situation with the opposing goalkeeper. Each one-on-one situation begins with the goalkeeper in goal and the offensive player 35 yards away from the goal line. The player has five seconds to dribble the ball and score.
A team playing with less than its full complement of 11 players.
A ball kicked or headed by a player at the opponent's net in an attempt to score a goal.
Shoulder Charge
Minimal shoulder-to-shoulder contact by a defender against a ball carrier; the only contact allowed by the rules unless a defender touches the ball first.
Preventing the opposition from scoring any goals in a game; for example, a score of 2-0 or 4-0; goalies are often credited with shutouts because they did not allow any goals to get past them.
Side Tackle
An attempt by a defender to redirect the ball slightly with his foot away from a ball carrier running in the same direction.
Sideline or Touchline
A line that runs along the length of the field on each side.
Single Elimination
A type of tournament where a single loss eliminates a team from the tournament.
Slide Tackle
An attempt to take posession of the ball from the opponent by sliding on the ground.
Sliding Tackle
An attempt by a defender to take the ball away from a ball carrier by sliding on the ground feet-first into the ball.
Small-Sided Game
A match played with fewer than 11 players per side.
Square Pass
A pass made by a player to a teammate running alongside him.
A player who is on the field to play at the start of a game; a team usually makes its best players starters.
When a player takes the ball away from an opposing player.
The defender that marks the best scorer on the attacking team, often the opposition's striker; exists only in a man-to-man defense.
A team's most powerful and best-scoring forward who plays towards the center of the field; also, the name of the mascot for the 1994 World Cup.
Replacement of one player on the field with another player not on the field; FIFA rules allow only 2 substitutions per game.
Sudden Death
A type of overtime where the first goal scored by a team ends the game and gives that team the victory; most overtime in soccer is not sudden death.
The defender that plays closest to his own goal behind the rest of the defenders; a team's last line of defense in front of the goalkeeper.
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