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The act of taking the ball away from a player by kicking or stopping it with one's feet; only a minimal amount of shoulder-to-shoulder contact, called a charge, is permitted to knock the ball carrier off balance.
The half of the field which a team defends.
The Draw
The selection of World Cup teams to place them into playing groups for the tournament and the event surrounding this selection.
Thigh Trap
When a player uses his thigh to slow down and control a ball in the air.
Through Pass
A pass sent to a teammate to get him the ball behind his defender; used to penetrate a line of defenders.
A type of restart where a player throws the ball from behind his head with two hands while standing with both feet on the ground behind a sideline; taken by a player opposite the team that last touched the ball before it went out of bounds across a sideline.
Tie Game
When two teams have scored the same number of goals in a match; if the game ends tied, it is a draw.
A way to choose the winner of a match when teams are tied after overtime; in FIFA tournament play, a series of penalty kicks are taken by players from both teams, and the team that scores on more of them is declared the winner.
The job of the referee, who keeps track of the official time to notify teams and fans when each period is completed.
An official break in the action of a sport; the rules of soccer do not allow for any timeouts; timeouts for television advertising breaks are permitted by NCAA collegiate rules.
Another word for the sidelines of the field.
Running behind another player.
When a player uses his body to slow down and control a moving ball, most often using his chest, thighs or feet.
The loss of possession of the ball.
Two-Way Midfielder
The versatile midfielder most responsible for organizing play in the midfield area; often a team's energetic leader.
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