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A line of 2 to 6 defending players pressed together shoulder-to-shoulder to protect their goal against a close free kick; creates a more difficult shot by reducing the amount of open goal area the kicker has to shoot at.
Wall Pass
A pass by a ball carrier who sends the ball to a teammate, then runs behind his own defender and quickly receives a pass back; used to get a player past his defender without having to dribble by him; same as the "give-and-go" in basketball.
Win-Draw-Loss Record
A summary of the outcomes of a team's matches; for example, a team with a 3-1-2 record has played 6 games and won 3, tied 1 and lost 2.
An area of the field near the touchline. Also known as the flank.
Name given to the right and left outside forwards in a 4-3-3 formation, not commonly played anymore in men's soccer.
Wings or Wingers
The outside forwards who play to the sides of the strikers and whose primary task is to provide them with accurate crossing passes so they can shoot at the goal; often the fastest players and best dribblers on a team.
Another name for the crossbar and goalposts of a soccer goal.
World Cup
The international soccer competition held by FIFA every 4 years between the top professional teams in the world, pitting nation against nation; the most watched event in the world, attracting a television audience of over 3 billion viewers.
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