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An official who keeps track of race results and compiles the race standings.
The chief official, who oversees the entire race or meet, conducts the draw, and decides when the ice should be resurfaced.
Short track competition has relay races, usually involving four teams with four skaters each. Each team member must take at least one turn on the track, but the distance to be covered by a skater isn't fixed. When an exchange takes place, the skater on the track needs only to touch the incoming skater. In practice, however, the incoming skater usually gets into a crouch on the ice and is given a push start by the skater who's being replaced. Only one exchange can take place during the last three laps, and a single skater has to complete the final two laps.
Right of Way
In short track skating, the lead skater has the right of way and the passing skater is responsible for avoiding body contact. In long track skating, the skater who starts in the outside lane has the right of way at the crossover if they arrive at the same time, but otherwise the skater in the lead has the right of way.
A measure of the amount of a curve in the portion of a skate blade that touches the ice. Speed skating blades have little rocker, which makes them faster but less maneuverable. Hockey skates have a great deal of rocker, allowing greater maneuverability.
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