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A scoring system in which a skater's times for races at various distances are converted into points to determine an overall champion. Essentially, all times are converted to the equivalents for 500 meters. The number of points awarded for the 500-meter event is the same as the time in seconds; the number of points for the 1000-meter event is the time in seconds divided by two, and so on. Also sammelagt.
Short Track
A type of competition conducted on a 111-meter track on an international size hockey rink. Skaters race in packs, not pairs.
A long-track race of 1,00 meters or less.
The official who's responsible for ensuring a fair start. He or she gives the command, "Go to the start," followed by "Ready." After the skaters have been motionless in the ready positon for a second or more, the starter fires a gun as the signal to start the race.
The long, straight section of a speed skating oval.
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