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Movements performed on the deck of the pool, as part of a routine, before the athletes enter the water. Limited to 10 seconds in international competition.
Degree of Difficulty
A multiplier assigned to a figure for scoring purposes. E.g., if the degree of difficulty is 1.2 and the raw score is 6, the final score is 7.2.
Descending Spin
A 180- or 360-degree spin that begins at the apex of the vertical position and is completed when the heels reach the surface.
A move in which the swimmer, from a horizontal position on the surface, submerges headfirst and swims down and under, re-emerging at the original location.
Dolphin Arch
A position in which the body is arched so that the head, hips and feet conform to the arc.
An event in which two athletes swim together.
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