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A specific combination of body positions and transitions, performed in a prescribed manner.
A portion of the competition in which swimmers have to perform a series of highly technical movements.
A position in which one leg is extended perpendicular to the surface while the other leg is drawn up to the chest. The lower leg is parallel to the surface and the face is at the surface.
A formation on the water surface in which two to eight swimmers are connected horizontally.
Free Routine
A routine that's planned and choreographed by the competitors and their coaches, done to music, and limited to five minutes plus or minus 15 seconds.
Front Layout
A position in which the body is extended, with the head, upper back, buttocks and heels at the surface. The face may be in or out of the water.
Front Pike
A position in which the body is bent at the hips to form a 90-degree angle and the legs and trunk are extended, with the back straight and the head in line.
Full Twist
A 360-degree rotation of the body around its vertical axis.
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