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There are ten swimmers on a team, only eight of whom swim in a routine. Different sets of eight athletes may swim in the technical routine and the free routine.
Technical Merit
One of the categories by which synchronized swimming is judged. It's based primarily on the ability of the athletes to execute certain movements with precision.
Technical Routine
A routine in which required elements must be performed in a specific sequence. It lasts two minutes and 50 seconds.
A move in which the swimmer begins in the back pike position, with the legs perpendicular to the surface, then moves the legs and hips rapidly upward, unrolling the body to to assume the vertical position.
An event in which three swimmers work together as a team.
A position in which the legs are bent and together, the feet and knees are at the surface and parallel to it, the thighs are perpendicular, and the face is at the surface, with the head in line with trunk.
A position in which the knees are brought nearly to the head, with the heels close to the buttocks and the back rounded.
A rapid 180-degree twist.
A rotation of the body at sustained height.
Twist Spin
A move combining a half-twist with a continuous spin, in rapid succession.
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