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Carbon Blade
A blade with a layer of carbon between two wood surfaces.
Center Line
A white line down the middle of the table, parallel with the side lines, that divides the courts into half-courts.
A sharp downward stroke that produces backspin.
A player who hits a lot of chops.
Closed Paddle
A paddle tilted downward, toward the table. Striking the ball with a closed paddle tends to produce topspin. Compare open paddle.
Combination Paddle
A paddle that has two different coverings on opposing sides of the face, for example, anti-spin rubber on one side and sticky rubber on the other .
An attacking shot used to return the opponent's attacking shot.
The playing area on one side of the net, which is 5 feet wide and 4 feet long. Sometimes used to mean the entire surface of the table.
To close the palm on the ball when tossing it up for a serve. Cupping is against the rules, since it can be used to put spin on the ball.
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