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A rally whose result doesn't count, usually because the umpire called a halt in play because of some distraction or interruption. See the following entry.
Let Serve
A serve that touches the net before entering the opponent's court. It doesn't count and is replayed.
Descriptive of a shot that has a great deal of spin.
A shot that's hit high into the air, often as a way of buying time after the opponent has hit a kill shot.
Long Pips Rubber
A rubber sheet covered with long, cyclindrical projections (pips) that allow the player to put a lot of unpredictable spin on the ball.
A shot hit with a long, upward motion, from as low as the knees to as high as the forehead, grazing the ball and putting heavy topspin on it. It's often used to set up a kill, since the opponent's return is likely to be high.
Loop Kill
A loop hit very hard, with a flat trajectory.
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