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The table tennis paddle must be made primarily of wood. There are no restrictions as to size. A legal rubber sheet must be applied to any side used for striking the ball. One side must be black, the other cherry red. If there is a non-hitting side with no rubber sheet attached, it must have a paint sheet of the appropriate color.
Paint Sheet
Not paint at all, but a sheet of colored plastic used to cover the non-hitting side of the paddle.
Penalty Point
A point awarded by the umpire to a player because of a rules violation by that player's opponent. A penalty point can be awarded for a second misbehavior offense, after the player has been cautioned with a yellow card for the first offense. A third offense incurs two penalty points.
Penholder Grip
A grip, especially popular in Asia, in which the racket is held between the thumb and first finger, with the handle pointing up.
A shot used to turn the opponent's backspin into topspin, effected by using a hitting motion parallel to the table top with an open paddle.
A trademarked name for table tennis, originally registered by Parker Brothers in 1901.
Small cylinders that protrude from a rubber sheet.
Pips Out
Descriptive of a rubber sheet attached to the paddle so that the side with pips will contact the ball, as on a hardbat. The opposite of inverted rubber.
Playing Surface
The table's upper surface.
A single scoring unit. A player loses a point if: He fails to make a good service or a good return of the opponent's shot; the ball bounces twice consecutively in his court; his free hand touches the playing surface. Points are also lost because of a double hit, obstruction, or a volley. See also penalty point.
A gentle shot with backspin, struck with an open paddle against the bottom of the ball and usually hit short and low.
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