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Sandwich Rubber
A rubber sheet attached to the paddle with an underlying layer of sponge.
Seemiller Grip
A grip in which a combination paddle is constantly rotated so that the ball can be struck with either side of the hitting surface.
Short for service.
The player who strikes the ball first in a rally.
The shot that starts a rally. The server must toss the ball up at least 16 centimeters (6 inches) and strike it as it's falling, so that it touches first in the server's court and then in the receiver's court, without touching the net. When struck, the ball must be above the level of the playing surface and behind the server's end line. See also let.
Shakehand Grip
A grip in which the paddle is held as if the player were shaking hands with it.
Side Line
One of the two white lines marking the side edges of the table.
Spin around the ball's vertical axis, imparted by drawing the paddle sideways across the ball at impact.
Competition between two individuals.
A kill.
A thin layer of sponge rubber attached between the rubber sheet and the blade to increase speed and spin.
Sticky Rubber
A type of rubber that allows the player to put a lot of spin on the ball.
Stroke Counter
An official who counts return strokes when the expedite system is in effect.
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