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A ground stroke hit on the left of the body by right-handed players, and on the right of the body by left-handers.
Where the ball is hit in a way that makes it spin backwards during flight. Also known as slice.
The line at the end of the court.
Baseline Tennis
A tactical approach whereby players remain at the baseline and attempt to wear their opponents down through long rallies, or - should the opportunity arise - to win the point with a passing shot.
Best of Three (Or Five)
Refers to the maximum number of sets in any match. In "best of three" matches, players need to win two of the three sets. In men's tennis, most matches are "best of three," i.e. a match finishes when a player has won two sets.
Big Point
A crucial point deciding which player wins a set or an important game. For example, when the scores are level and the server is 30-40 down.
Break (Of Service)
Where the serving player loses the game.
Free passage into the second round of a tournament. Players may be given a bye if a tournament doesn't have enough players (e.g. if there are only 28 players in a tournament designed for 32, there will be 4 byes in the first round). Byes are always awarded to seeded players.
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