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Center Mark
A mark half-way across the baseline, effectively the extension of the center line. When serving, players must remain on the correct side of this mark.
Change of Ends
The players change ends of the court regularly during tennis matches, e.g. after every "uneven" game (1,3,5) in a set.
A backspin, defensive shot used to return fast services. Occasionally also used for drop shots.
Clay Court
A court with a surface made of crushed shale, stone or brick. There are two sorts of claycourts at ATP Tour events: red clay (mostly Europe) -> slower; green clay (US and UK) -> faster.
Continental Grip
Method of holding the racquet for playing powerful backhands, serves, volleys and smashes. The most common grip for forehand and backhand strokes.
Cross Shot
A stroke played diagonally across the court, either long or short. Long cross shots are usually played from baseline to baseline, while short cross shots generally bounce near the opponent's service court line, often being played with topspin.
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