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Cash Out Button
Each Video Poker machine has a Cash Out button that causes the coins to be dumped into the machine's hopper for each credit that you have accumulated.
Coinless Machine
A multi-hand and/ or multi-game machine that only accepts currency. All payouts are hand paid. No coins are accepted or paid.
Complete Hand
A hand that is defined by all five cards - a straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, or straight flush
Short for Compensation, rewards that a Casino pays you for playing. They will give you a plastic card that should be inserted in the Video Poker Machine while you are playing. The Casino then tracks your play, and rewards you accordingly, providing you ask for your rewards. They include cash back, free meals, and free rooms.
The Video Poker Machine doesn't spit out coins when you win a hand. Instead it keeps track of the coins, and shows you how many Credits (one per coin) you have accumulated. When you put money in the machine, you also add to your credits. For example, if you deposit $20 in a 25 cent machine, you will receive 80 credits. When your credits decline to zero, you have to put in more money to continue playing.
The statistically predicted average number of hands per royal flush (or other top jackpot). In other words, a "cycle" is simply the reciprocal of the probability of a royal on the next hand. Remember that the games are random, however, so don't expect to get exactly one royal flush per "cycle." The Poisson Distribution tells us that there is only a 63.2% probability of at least one royal in one cycle, but this balanced by the chances of two or more royals in one cycle.
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