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Refers to a collection of up to five cards. The cards you are dealt at the start of a game are your original hand. If there is more than one way to play your original hand, then each different way is also called a hand. You goal is to pick the hand with the highest Average Payback.
High Card
A Jack, Queen, King or Ace. If you are playing Tens-or-Better Video Poker, then the 10 is also a high card.
Hold Buttons
Under the display on the video poker machine are five buttons, one for each card. You press these buttons to indicate which cards you want to hold and which you want to discard. Press a button repeatedly to switch between Hold and Discard
The internal tray that holds the coins. The hopper electronically counts coins to be paid and releases them into the player's tray.
The establishment running the game. Example: "The $2 you put on the button goes to the house."
Hunches and Superstitions
Playing hunches or adopting superstitions won't hurt you at Video Poker unless they cause you to play a hand that doesn't have the best Average Payback. If you don't play the hand with the best Average Payback, you are giving money to the Casino. As an example of a harmless superstition, some players like to hit the Play One Credit button several times instead of pushing Play Maximum Credits.
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