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Each player wears a cap, numbered 1 to 13, with the goalkeeper wearing No. 1. Team caps are of contrasting colors, typically white for one team and blue for the other. Goalkeepers wear red caps.
A defensive player whose main job is to cover the opposition's center-forward.
A team's chief attacking player, who is usually positioned directly in front of the opponent's goal between the two-meter and four-meter lines. Also called the hole man, hole set, or two-meter man.
Control of the Ball
When not touching it, a player is considered in control of the ball if it is on the water in front of the horizontal plane of his or her shoulders.
Corner Throw
A free throw awarded to the attacking team if a defensive player touched the ball last before it went out over the goal line. It's taken from the two-meter line on the side nearest the spot where the ball went out of bounds.
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