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Dead Time
The time when the ball is dead, between the whistle for a foul and the restarting of play and the clock. Compare live time.
Dead-Time Foul
Any foul that's committed during dead time.
Defensive Team
The team that does not have control of the ball; opposite of attacking team.
Same as bunny.
Double Foul
Simultaneous fouls by players on opposing teams.
Double Hole
Descriptive of an of an offense that stations an attacker in front of each post of the goal; also known as double post.
Double Post
Same as double hole.
To swim with the ball, usually while it rides on the wake in front of the swimmer.
A quick move to the area in front of the goal by an offensive player who does not have the ball. As a verb, to make such a move.
A defense in which players drop back to protect the center of the pool and attempt to block passes and shots.
Dry Pass
A pass that can be caught above the water.
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