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Face Off
See neutral throw.
The water polo field is 20 to 30 meters between the goal lines and 10 to 20 meters wide. There are white buoys on each side of the pool to indicate the goal lines and the half-distance line. At each end of the pool, there are colored buoys denoting the 2-meter lines (red), 4-meter lines (yellow), and 7-meter lines (green). Water depth is a minimum of 1.8 meters, but 2 meters is the preferred depth. The playing area extends a minimum of .3 meters behind the goal lines at each end of the pool. See also goal.
Field Player
Any player except a goalkeeper.
Four-Meter Foul
A foul by a defensive player inside the four-meter line directly aimed at preventing a goal. The opposing team is awarded a penalty throw.
Four-Meter Line
An imaginary line extending across the pool, four meters from each goal line.
Free Throw
When play has to be restarted after the ball crosses a sideline or after a foul that does not result in a penalty throw, a free throw is used. The player awarded the free throw may throw the ball or drop it into the water and dribble it before passing. At least two players, from either side, must touch the ball before a goal can be scored.
To defend between the center forward and the player with the ball.
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