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Penalty Foul
A foul that results in a penalty throw for the opposing team. Penalty fouls include: A foul committed by a defending player behind the four-meter line that is judged to have prevented a goal from being scored; an act of brutality behind the four-meter line; or pulling the goal over with the object of preventing a score.
Penalty Shootout
If a game is tied after two overtime periods, a penalty shootout determines the result. Each team gets five penalty throws, which are taken in alternation. Each penalty throw is taken by a different team member. If the score remains tied after the round of penalty throws, the teams alternate shots until one team scores and the other misses.
Penalty Shot
See penalty throw.
Penalty Throw
A throw taken from the four-meter line by a member of the attacking team, with the goalkeeper as the only defender.
Personal Foul
An exclusion foul or penalty foul. If a player commits three personal fouls, he or she is permanently excluded from the game.
The offensive position farthest from the goal and approximately straight out from the goal.
A defense that's extended beyond its normal range, designed to pressure offensive players into poor passes or shots.
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