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Seven-Meter Line
An imaginary line extending across the pool, seven meters from each goal line.
See penalty shootout.
Shot Clock
A clock which displays the time remaining for a team to take a shot. Also known as possession clock.
To push an opposing player under the water.
Deliberately splashing water in an opponent's face is an exclusion foul.
See swim-off.
Failing to shoot or advance the ball within 35 seconds. An ordinary foul.
Stationary Pick
A move in which an offensive player stops in front of a player who is defending another offensive player, freeing that teammate to receive a pass or take a shot.
Strong Side
The side of the pool on which the ball is located.
The method of starting a period. Players take up positions on their own goal lines. A referee then blows the whistle, tosses the ball into the center of the pool, and the players race for it. Also called a sprint.
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