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The competition area, 4 meters square and 50 to 150 millimeters high, where the competitors attempt their lifts. The platform may be made of any solid material such as wood or plastic, and may be covered with a non-slippery material.
A ceremony held 15 minutes before the start of competition, at which the speaker introduces the technical officials and the athletes, who are lined up on the stage in the order of their start numbers.
A lift in which the bar is brought to the shoulders and held there for two seconds while the lifter waits for approval from the chief referee. After approval, the bar is lifted overhead using only the arms. The press was one of three competitive lifts until 1976.
An illegal move on which the lifter bends the arms while holding the bar overhead, then presses out to try to make them straight; results in no lift.
The international weightlifting term for the scoresheet, on which the complete competition is recorded, including each successful and unsuccessful lift and totals for all competitors.
The portion of the lift in which the bar is raised from the platform to the squat or split.
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