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See protocol.
Simple Grip
A grip in which all four fingers of the hand are on one side of the bar and the thumb is on the other side.
Six for Six
The feat of making good lifts in all six attempts, three in the snatch and three in the clean and jerk.
One of the two end portions of the bar, where the weights are attached.
A lift in which the bar is brought from the platform to an overhead position in one continuous motion, while splitting or squatting, and then straightening to an upright position. The lifter must hold the bar overhead, with arms straight, until the referee gives the down signal.
The official who moderates the competition, announcing the name of the athlete about to attempt a lift and announcing the validity or non-validity of the lift after it has been attempted. The speaker also introduces the athletes and other officials during the presentation.
To bend one leg forward, the other straight back, while lowering the body toward the floor.
To bend the legs at the knees while lowering the body toward the floor.
Start Number
A number given to indicate a competitor's place in the starting order. Within each group, starting numbers are based on lot numbers; that is, the competitors with the lowest lot number is given No. 1, and so on.
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