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Technical Controller
One of two officials at each competition who are responsible for examining the athletes and their outfits, keeping track of the starting order and the progression of weights, and other similar tasks.
Technical Officials
The competition officials, including the referees, jury, technical controllers, doping control officers, and others.
Thumbless Grip
A grip in which all four fingers and the thumb of the hand are on one side of the bar.
Time Keeper
An official who operates the timing clock; usually one of the three referees.
Timing Clock
An electronic clock displayed on the attempt board that counts down the time that the current competitor has to make the lift. Allotted time ranges from one to two minutes; it's usually one and a half minutes in international competition.
The aggregate of the best good lifts in the snatch and the clean and jerk, which determines the competitor's ranking in the competition. If two competitors have the same total, the one with the lighter body weight is given the higher ranking.
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