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One of the good guys; a popular wrestler; usually just referred to as a "face."
Throwing an opponent from his feet to his back
The action (footwork, level changes, etc.) taken tobegin back-step throws (headlock, hiplock, etc.)
Points gotten by having exposed an opponents back to the mat; in freestyle, any exposure leads to backpoints, while in folkstyle the back must be exposed for a certain length of time.
Bad Boys of Wrestling
Border City Wrestling
Your wrestler's biography. It may include his history, experience, and a physical description.
Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
(verb) The act of using a small razor blade to cut open the skin (usually on the forehead) and cause the flow of blood. The act of blading is usually done to add dramatic effect to a match. Whenever a wrestler bleeds in a match, it usually means he has bladed. There is no Hollywood-style 'fake blood' in wrestling. Also known as "juicing."
Blow Up
V.i. to become fatigued or exhausted. The Ultimate Warrior was said to be one of a number of wrestlers who blows up on the entry ramp.
Body Lock
A hold in which a wrestler locks his arms around the opponent's body and takes him to the mat.
Body Throw
A move in which a wrestler locks his arms around the opponent's body and throws him to the mat.
Booked E-Fed
Refers to a type of fed where a booker or booking comittee decides upon the outcome of matches. The decision is often based on quality and/or quantity of interviews and roleplaying interaction. Contrast with dice, gamed, simmed.
(noun) The person who is in charge of creating storylines, deciding which wrestlers to push, writing TV shows, etc. The booker is basically in charge of putting together a product that the fans will find entertaining. His position is one of great power and extreme importance. In the case of large promotions like the WWF and WCW, there are usually several bookers. The booker can be anybody from the promoter himself to an active wrestler on the roster (e.g. at one time, Kevin Nash in WCW). In the past, members of the WWF booking committee have included Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, Bruce Pritchard and Vince Russo.
Bottom Position
One of two components of referee's position; the man goes down to his knees, his hands on the mat in front of him, sitting back toward his feet. The wrestler in this position is called the bottom man.
A match between two wrestlers, which is made up of two periods of three minutes each. A bout ends before the regulation time in the event of a fall, a technical fall, an injury default, or a disqualification. If the bout is tied or neither wrestler has three points after time expires, there is an overtime period.
The process of breaking an opponent beneath you to his stomach or side. This often makes turning him over for a pin easier.
An arched position adopted by a wrestler, with his back above the mat, usually to avoid being pinned but sometimes as an offensive move.
Bridge Out
An escape move in which a wrestler rolls from a bridge onto the stomach.
Bruce Lee Syndrome
Most Asian wrestlers on North American television are portrayed as knowing basic martial arts moves just because of their heritage.
Badger State Wrestling
Big Time Wrestling
(noun) The reception of a wrestling move, usually one in which the wrestler is thrown or becomes airborne in some other way. If a wrestler falls off, gets pushed off, or gets thrown off the ring apron and lands on the ground, he just took a bump.
Blue World Order
When there aren't enough wrestlers in a weight class to fill each line of a tournament bracket, one wrestler is given a bye and he advances to the next round without wrestling.
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