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(verb) Despite popular belief, the idea that wrestling matches are scripted move-for-move is false. Instead, wrestlers call their moves by whispering or muttering somethinginto their opponent’s ear, and from this the opponent will know what move he is to perform or be ready to receive. One of the reasons why so many wrestlers have long hair is that this makes it easier to hide calls. Inevitably, fans watching at home will sometimes be able to hear a wrestler call a move if he says it too loudly or does it while the camera is too close (e.g. at the Capital Carnage pay-per-view in the UK, Billy Gunn was heard shouting 'that's it, stay down' to D-Lo Brown).
N. the series of matches in one location at one time.
Catch as Catch can
Another name for freestyle or folkstyle.
Central Carolina Championship Wrestling
Continental Championship Wrestling
Central Circle
The inner circle, 1 meter in diameter, on the wrestling mat.
Central Wrestling Area
A circle, 8 meters in diameter, inside the passivity zone.
Chair Shot
(noun) When a wrestler gets hit with a chair it is always a steel folding chair. That's because the structure of those chairs allows it to absorb most of the force of the blow. You can generally whack someone over the head as hard as you like without doing much damage to the other guy. More inexperienced wrestlers will use their hands to block the chair, but in proper hands, the force of the chair directly on the head isn't much worse. A shot to theback barely hurts at all (but don't be stupid enough to try it at home!).
Changing Levels
Raising and lowering the body to attack and defend
Circumstantial Evidence Rule
A shattered guitar or other such object around a prone wrestler is no indication of any foul play. - [email protected]
Championship International Wrestling
Classification Points
In a tournament, wrestlers are awarded classification points for each bout won. The points are used to determine seedings in the final round. The following table is used:
Control, sometimes called "advantage", is when a wrestler is in a position in which he can control and maintain restraining power over his opponent. The top of offensive wrestler usually maintains a position of control from the rear on the mat.
Championship Pro Wrestling
Championship Wrestling of Michigan
A hold in which one arm is around the neck of the opponent, the other around the neck, with the hands gripped tightly together.
A move where the forearm is pressed against the opponents face to turn his head and maneuver him.
Crotch Lift
A hold in which the arms are wrapped around the opponent's upper thigh, often used to turn the opponent over for a pin.
Central States Wrestling Association
Christian Wrestling Alliance
Championship Wrestling Federation
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