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Danger Position
A position in which a wrestler's back is at less than a right angle to the mat.
Dark Match
(noun) A match that takes place either before or after a televised event begins or ends and is not shown on TV with the rest of the matches.
A win by the wrestler who has scored the most points.It is a regular decision if the winner's score exceeds the loser's scorebyfewer than eight points.
A default is awarded when one of the competitors is unable to continue for any reason. A default is worth 6 team points in duel meet competition.
Defensive Wrestler
The defensive wrestler is considered to be the wrestler who is in a position in which he is being controlled or restar4inede by his opponent. The defensive wrestler is often referred to as the "bottom man".
Diced E-Fed
Refers to a type of fed where a dice game is used to resolve matches. Somewhat of a misnomer, since many dice games are actually resolved via computer programs. The actual distinction between "diced" and "simmed" is that in "diced" the full mechanics for match resolution are usually known to the player, whereas in "simmed" they are not. Contrast with booked, simmed. Compare with gamed.
Dirt Sheet
(noun) A publication that looks at wrestling from an inside, behind the scenes perspective and doesn’t buy into the idea that wrestling is real. A dirt sheet doesn’t cater to marks the way a publication from a promotion would, rather it is geared toward those who are more knowledgeable of the inner workings of the business. For the most part, dirt sheets are looked upon very negatively by those who work in the business.
A wrestler may be disqualified for brutality or unsportsmanlike conduct.
Disqualification 4 Points
Decision 3 points
Dog House
Punishment for a wrestler if he does something severely wrong. Being in the dog house will result into a fine and regular jobbing.
Double Indemnity Moves
Punches and kicks which seem to do little damage throughout the course of a match seem to hurt that much more and are always able to disorient or render an opponent motionless when delivered right before a particularly silly finishing move (ie., the worm or the people's elbow). - [email protected]
Double-Leg Tackle
A move in which a wrestler takes the opponent down by grasping both of the opponent's legs and pulling them.
V.t. To attract marks. n. the popularity of a wrestler, the ability to bring in marks.
Deep South Wrestling
Dual Meet
A dual meet is competition between two wrestling teams and consists of wrestling matches in each of the weight classes. Each competitor will wrestle an opponent from the opposing team who is in the same weight class. High School weight classes are 103, 112, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 171, 189, 215, 275. Each match consists of 3 two minute periods.
A takedown where you "ducks" your head under the opponent's arm to come up behind the opponent. It requires a lift, throw or trip of some sort to take the opponent to the mat and complete the takedown.
N. A particularly bad and totally uninteresting match.
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