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(noun) A wrestler who is liked by the fans. Wrestlers are generally divided into two groups, the good guys (the faces) and the bad guys (the heels). Until recently, faces were generally those wrestlers who played by the rules and more or less acted like nice guys. Today, the most popular wrestlers are often those who donít play by the rules, donít respect authority, and act like anything but nice guys. Also known as babyface, good guy, or fan favourite.
Translates into a group of wrestlers with a group name.
When both of the opponent's shoulders are in contact with the mat (a pin), a wrestler is awarded a fall, which wins the match in international wrestling. In college wrestling, the pin must be held for one second, in high school wrestling for two seconds.
Florida Championship Wrestling
N. a series of matches between two wrestlers or two tag teams, usually face vs. heel though face feuds and heel feuds are not unknown.
(noun) The end of a match. While most of the match is ad-libed by the competitors, there will usually be a planned finish that has been discussed beforehand. In the WWF Pat Patterson has a lot of input into the finishes of matches.
Fireman's Carry
A takedown where the wrestler being carried is temporarily brought across his opponent's shoulders, similar to the manner that fireman carry people out of buildings.
Five Point Move
In Folkstyle wrestling, it is a move, a reversal of a takedown, that will score five points if the opponent is taken directly into a p[inning situation and a 3 point near fall criteria is met..
Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling
Far North Wrestling
A style of wrestling; emphasizing control and safety more than freestyle, this is the style used in schools and colleges. Also referred to as scholastic.
A forfeit is received by a wrestler when his opponent, for any reason, fails to appear for the match. A forfeit is worth 6 team points in dual meet and 2 in tournament competition.
Free Agent
An active wrestler that is currently without an E-Fed.
A style of wrestling in which the legs may be used to execute attacks and the opponent's legs are a legitimate target for attack. Also known as "catch as catch can." Compare Greco-Roman.
A series of matchups between two or more agressive enemies.
Federacion Universal de Lucha Libre
Full Nelson
A hold in which both of the wrestler's arms are passed under the opponent's armpits and both hands are on the back of the opponent's head; illegal in amateur wrestling. See also half nelson.
Being behind an opponent and having both arms under his, with your hands behind his neck. This is illegal in all the addressed wrestling styles.
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
Florida Wrestling Federation
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