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Refers to a type of fed where some kind of game is used to resolve matches. In other words, a non-booked fed. Diced and simmed feds are both gamed, as are rules sets that depend on limited knowledge, or guessing games. Contrast with booked. Compare with diced or simmed.
Global Championship Wrestling
Getting Over
A wrestler "gets over" when he receives an enthusuastic response from the fans for being either a "babyface" or a "heel".
(noun) A persona that a wrestler is given to make him interesting. While gimmicks have always been a part of pro wrestling, from the mid-80s to the early-90s, gimmicks ruled. The WWF was often referred to as a "circus" during that time because of the number of cartoon-like gimmicks that their wrestlers were given. At a given time you could turn on a WWF show and see clowns, evil dentists, race car drivers, garbage men, plumbers and more. It is largely due to this overkill that gimmicks have been drastically toned down in the past few years.
Given Notice
When a wrestler informs the federation that he works for that he's leaving.
Great Lakes Championship Wrestling
Green Mountain Wrestling
Gongus Wrongus
A post-match assault will always continue no matter many times the ring bell is struck to indicate the match is officially over.
Grand Amplitude
Descriptive of a throw in which a wrestler lifts the opponent completely off the mat, sweeps him through the air in a curve, and brings him down in the danger position.
A hold in which a wrestler wraps a leg around one of the opponent's legs, often preparatory to a throw.
An international style of wrestling in which the legs cannot be attacked, nor used for offense. This places a great emphasis on throws.
Adj. Not good due to inexperience.
Global Roughhouse Rasslin'
Gut Wrench
A moved used when the opponent is face down on the mat. The wrestler puts both arms around the opponent's mid-section, gripping as tightly as possible, then goes into the bridge position and rolls the opponent over his own torso onto the back.
Georgia Wrestling Alliance
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