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Half Nelson
A hold in which the wrestler's arm is passed under the opponent's armpit and the hand is on the back of the opponent's head. See also full nelson.
Being being an opponent with one arm under his, your hand behind his neck. This is an elementary maneuver used to turn over an opponent who has been broken down for a pin.
Hard Way
Real blood produced by means other than blading, i.e. the hard way. One of the possible outcomes of a shoot.
When a wrestler bleeds a whole lot more than what bladings can do. If juicing occurs, it would most likely not be a work.
Hardway Juice
N. real blood produced by means other than blading, i.e. the hard way. One of the possible outcomes of a shoot.
Hardcore Championship Wrestling
Gear worn to protect the ears during wrestling.
A hold in which an arm is around the opponent's neck and the hands are locked together. The opponent's arm must be gathered into the hold to prevent accidental choking.
(noun) Feedback from the crowd. A heel wrestler will try to get heat from the crowd by doing things to get them angry, such as cheating. If the heel has a lot of heat with the crowd, he is doing his job. If a heel is drawing face heat, then he will usually be made into a babyface to sustain that heat (e.g. The Undertaker in 1992). Rocky Maivia (before he became "The Rock") is the best example of the opposite: a babyface drawing heel heat ('Rocky Sucks!', 'Die Rocky, Die!').
Heat Machine
(noun) A 'machine' that wrestling promotions use on some of their taped wrestling programs to make it seem as if the crowd is really into what is going on. It cannot be used on live programs and is only used sometimes now on taped shows. Also known as 'canned heat'.
A rule breaker who is hated by the fans, breaks the rules, and is rude to the fans. (note: A real exception is Steve Austin, who is a face)
House of Pain Wrestling Federation
(adjective) Usually used to describe the overall manner of the audience at a live event. If the crowd is vocal, excited, and into the action, it is said to be a "hot" crowd. On the other hand, if the audience is disinterested or lethargic, it is said to be a "dead" crowd. Often a crowd will start off "hot" but be "killed" by a series of dull matches.House show - (noun) Any non-televised event.
N. The wrestling audience in the building said to be composed of marks.
Heartland Wrestling Association
Hardcore Wrestling Federation
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