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In the broadest sense, to lose. In a narrower sense, to lose to another wrestler in order to get that wrestler or an angle over (see Over). Often used to mean losing badly, as in "The entire WCW was jobbed to Hogan."
N. an unpushed wrestler who does jobs for pushed wrestlers. Barry Horowitz is probably the best known of these. Sometimes known as fish, redshirts PLs (professional losers,) or 'ham-and-eggers.' Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) is also a well known jobber.
Jobber to the Stars
(noun) Similar to a jobber, except a JTTS is usually a better wrestler than an ordinary jobber and occasionally wins a match against a lesser opponent.
(noun) Blood. "Hardway juice" is the flow of blood that is caused not by blading, but through legitimate means such as being punched too hard or some other accident.
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