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(noun) Simply put, kayfabe is the act of acting. When a wrestler "breaks kayfabe," he is no longer playing the character that he is in the wrestling world, rather he is just acting like himself. In the old days there was an unwritten rule that, in order to prevent wrestling from being exposed as a work, wrestlers were never to break kayfabe when they were in the presence of wrestling fans. Today that rule has largely gone out the window, as wrestlers often break kayfabe when being interviewed on talk shows or on the internet. It has even got to the point where wrestlers occasionally break kayfabe on their own shows in order to appeal to the "smart" fans, something that wouldn’t even be considered as recently as five years ago.
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V.t. diminish or eliminate heat or drawing power. There are a variety of ways to do this, but mostly it is done by having a wrestler do too many jobs. A house can be killed by too many screw-job endings.
(noun) A behind the scenes locker room group that consisted of Kevin Nash (Diesel),Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), Triple H, Sean Waltman (1-2-3 Kid/X-Pac) and Shawn Michaels when they were all in the WWF. During their time in the WWF they had great influence behind the scenes and often hand picked who they would face and angles they would be involved in.
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