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Leg Shot
A quick move, involving a level change, in which a wrestler thrusts toward the opponent's legs in an attempt to get a lock on one or both of them.
(noun) In the world of pro wrestling, the term "lemming" began in the 1980's, referring to the WWF's large percentage of relatively uninformed, somewhat gullible, and fiercely loyal fans. In the 1990's, a "lemming" is a term bestowed on narrow-minded, biased fans for any promotion, not just the WWF.
Level Change
Bending at the knees (not the waist) to raise or lower the hips. This is used to position yourself for certain takedowns.
To take an opponent off the mat entirely (both feet). An efficient lift involves positioning your hips lower than the opponent's and using them to lift by arching into the opponent.
Lifting an opponent off the mat
Long Island Wrestling Federation
Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling
Lunatic Wrestling Federation
Latino World Order
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