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Offensive Wrestler
The offensive wrestler is the wrestler which maintains a position in which he controls and maintains restraining power over his opponent. The offensive wrestler is typically referred to as the "top man".
Organized Modern Extreme Grappling Arts
A command from the referee telling a wrestler to change his position and adopt more open tactics. If the wrestler doesn't respond, the referee will issue a caution for passive obstruction.
Optional Start
Instead of taking top position, a wrestler can choose this variation; the wrestler places both hands on the bottom man's back and leaves his knees off the mat. When this option is chosen, the referee must inform the bottom man so he may adjust his position. Optional start usually is used when you intend to let the bottom man go immediately, but not always.
Osaka Pro-Wrestling
Original Wrestler
A wrestler which is created out of whole cloth by the player. Not a Real Wrestler. See Real Wrestler.
Out Clause
A way to get out of a long term contract that also allows the wrestler some control over his character for his last days with the organization; as the case with Bret Hart.
Outcome Score
Victory by fall 5 points
(adjective) If a face is over with the crowd, it means that they cheer him. If a heel is over with the crowd, it means that they boo him. Regardless of whether he is a face ora heel, a wrestler’s main priority is to get over with the crowd. The more over a wrestler is, it makes sense that the promotion will find him more valuable and they will pay him more money. This term can also apply to a move which draws an instant reaction from the fans and/or can bereasonably expected to end a match when applied (e.g. The Rock Bottom).
Overtime Period
If the score is tied or neither wrestler has three points when time runs out on a bout, a three-minute overtime period begins immediately. The first wrestler to score a point wins.
Ohio Valley Wrestling
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